About OROGOLD Cosmetics
OROGOLD Cosmetics offers you with a luxurious range of skin care products that can work wonders in offering you with that ultimate skin care experience. OROGOLD products and collections are formulated using an exciting and effective list of skin care ingredients, including our signature ingredient – Gold. OROGOLD is not just about delivering the right products and services for your skin. It also has a lot to do with ensuring that you enjoy the right kind of experience while using OROGOLD products and fall in love with your skin all over again. This page tries to help you understand the factors that make ORO GOLD Cosmetics unique as a brand.

The OROGOLD Vision
OROGOLD Cosmetics has dedicated its existence to creating and providing customers all over the world with a set of advanced skin care products and collections that help them deal with their skin issues and tackle the signs of aging at the same time. OROGOLD offers its customers with the right products, the right knowledge and the most suitable tips and tricks to help them create that perfect skin care routine in order to allow them to look more beautiful and younger. To find out the best products and solutions for your skin, visit the nearest ORO GOLD store for a free skin consultation with our in-house skin experts.

Why Gold?
One of the main reasons why OROGOLD Cosmetics uses gold in its luxurious skin care products is to bring back the golden glow of gold into skin care. Gold has been used as a means of beautifying the skin for centuries. However, as the instrinsic value of gold increased, it all but disappeared from the world of skin care. OROGOLD tries to turn the tides once more by making gold based products available all over again. This allows our customers to enjoy the luxurious feelings of applying gold on their skin without having to burn a huge hole in their wallets and credit cards.

OROGOLD Products
OROGOLD products use some of the most effective and studied ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, nutrients, botanicals, essential oils, and more. Apart from offering customers with delicious recipes for the skin, each product has also been infused with gold. OROGOLD formulates each product and collection after a lot of research in order to ensure that each product is as good and effective as the next one. Here at ORO GOLD, we don’t believe in playing favorites. Each of our products are equally effective in dealing with different types of issues for people with different types of skin. Today, OROGOLD offers its customers with a choice of more than 100 products and 15 luxurious collections. This ensures that irrespective of your skin issue, gender, age or skin type; you can always find something perfect at OROGOLD Cosmetics.

The OROGOLD Service
One of the main reasons why OROGOLD managed to grow in leaps and bounds ever since its inception in the year 2008 is the fact that our services have set us apart from the rest. Customers who have visited the OROGOLD store have spoken about its spa-like feel, luxurious decors, rich treatments and exciting freebies like product demonstrations, VIP facials and skin consultations. You can always expect top notch service from OROGOLD, irrespective of whether you are here to buy a product or are looking for a service having purchased OROGOLD products in the past.

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